Escape Room trademarks – Check out my guide on Escape Front!

One of the aspects of Escape Rooms that doesn’t get a huge amount of attention is the branding.

While it’s fun to come up with puzzles and themes, deciding on a unique and exciting brand name is very difficult (and most people’s least favorite part).

For this reason, I’ve written a guide to choosing a great name for your Escape Room business and protecting that new trademark properly.

In this guest post which just went up on Escape Room site Escape Front, goes in-depth on trademarks for these exciting businesses. The post includes discussion of a number of topics, like:

  • Trademark basics
  • Specific considerations for choosing a strong Escape Room brand name
  • Doing a clearance search for your trademark (and why you should have a lawyer help)
  • Answers to some frequently asked trademark questions

Head over to Escape Front to check out the post, and leave a comment letting me know what you think!

If you’d like to know more about starting an escape room business in general, you can check out my Ultimate Guide to escape rooms here.

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