Game Development Legal Services


Legal Protection For Your Game Development Project

Get the legal protection you need for your video or board game project with step by step solutions for games big and small.

From pre-fundraising counseling to publishing agreement drafting and review, all of your bases are covered.

Publish Your Game With Peace of Mind

Get no-nonsense, plain english explanations of every contract clause, so there are no surprises during the development process.

Leave the legalese to me, while you concentrate on what you do best.

Video Games


Protect Your Intellectual Property

Protect your work by registering your copyrights, protect your brand by registering your trademarks, and get infringing content taken down with timely DMCA notices and Cease and Desist letters.

In addition, non-disclosure agreements and employee work-for-hire agreements keep your trade secrets safe and retain the rights to your intellectual property.

Kick Start Your
Crowdfunding Campaign

Protect your personal assets and get your project completed using Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or other crowdfunding methods based on giving rewards in exchange for development capital.

I can walk you through the entire process to make sure your legal bases are covered.


Fund Your Company With Equity Fundraising or Crowdfunding

Navigate the SEC securities regulations to raise capital for your business using exempt offerings or the new equity crowdfunding rules under the JOBS Act.

Stay in compliance with the tricky regulations related to this exciting new way to raise money.

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