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Don’t get screwed by a publishing agreement – my post on

Indie devs – are you wary of entering into a deal with a big publisher? Good. You should be. There are a number of ways that you can be screwed over in a publishing deal if you just sign the contract they send you. Those contracts are generally pretty one-sided, or leave out crucial details whose absence can make your game dev life very, very difficult. Lucky for you, I’ve…

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Indie dev publishing agreements – what to watch out for

Are you an indie dev who is thinking about signing an agreement with a publisher? I teamed up with Black Shell Media’s Raghav Mathur recently to discuss some important things to watch out for in these publishing agreements. There are a lot of big pitfalls that could seriously impact your ability to make money from the deal or your control over the IP. The five issues we discuss are: Unreasonable…

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Three ways to not screw up your website’s Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for a website can be a complicated document. The Terms of Service for a website can be a complicated document. It is a contractual agreement between the website operator and the end user that governs the user’s activities on the site. Depending on what your site does, it can seem like an infinite scroll of text to some users. However, just because the Terms of Service…

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