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Episode 4:

“Who owns the Copyright in Translations?”

Here’s some supplemental information to go along with this segment:

Explanation of Derivative Works:

Wikipedia: Derivative Works

Some explanation of Works-made-for-hire:

Works Made For Hire

More info on Translations:

US Legal: Translation

Episode 3:

“More about Copyright in Game Mechanics”

Here’s some supplemental information to go along with this segment:

My article on the Bang! lawsuit:

Bang! creator sues Legend of the Three Kingdoms makers

Latest article on the subject RE: Moriarty’s Machinations:

Developer threatens legal action against allegedly “cloned” Kickstarter game

A link to the Bang! court opinion – Good reading!:

DaVINCI EDITRICE S.R.L., Plaintiff, v. ZIKO GAMES, LLC, et al., Defendants

Episode 2:

“Protecting Game Mechanics”

Here’s some supplemental information to go along with this segment:

More info about the different types of Intellectual Property:

What is Intellectual Property? A handy roadmap for game developers

More info about Copyright in general:

Three myths about copyright that just won’t go away

More info about the Idea/Expression Dichotomy I mentioned:

Idea vs. Expression – What is protected under copyright law?

Episode 1:

“Naming your Game, Company or Brand”

Download the checklist I mentioned on the show, and check out the posts below for more info on trademark law

More info about Trademark distinctiveness:

How strong is your brand? The five levels of trademark protection

More info about doing the Trademark search:

Start your brand off on the right foot with this One Weird Trick

More info about Trademark in general:

Five common questions about trademark protection

The latest from the blog


Game development legal services at a glance:

Start Your Company

Form a business entity to protect yourself from liability, shield your personal assets, and create a professional appearance for potential customers and employees.

Protect Your Ideas

File the proper trademarks and copyrights to protect your business’s intellectual property and go after those who infringe those rights.

Hire Your Team

Hire employees to create assets while retaining ownership through confidentiality and work-for-hire agreements.
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