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Sales tax on Online Game Sales – the Supreme Court weighs in

Do you sell your board games or video games online to other states in the US? You may be on the hook for collecting and paying sales tax very soon. Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games reached out to me last week to comment on a recent Supreme Court case dealing with a South Dakota tax law. What’s the deal with South Dakota v. Wayfair? The law requires online retailers who…

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Don’t get screwed by a publishing agreement – my post on

Indie devs – are you wary of entering into a deal with a big publisher? Good. You should be. There are a number of ways that you can be screwed over in a publishing deal if you just sign the contract they send you. Those contracts are generally pretty one-sided, or leave out crucial details whose absence can make your game dev life very, very difficult. Lucky for you, I’ve…

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How to check if something is trademarked

Trademarks are an extremely important part of any business’s intellectual property strategy. As part of your trademark game plan, a proper clearance search to check if something is already trademarked and avoid conflicts is one of the first steps to take.

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How to get something trademarked?

As a trademark attorney, clients ask me all the time about the trademark process and how they can get something trademarked. In this article, I’ll discuss the main steps and why you should probably hire a lawyer to help you.

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