Legal Services for Bloggers and Internet Businesses

Register your blog or business’s trademark

A trademark registration can protect your site’s valuable name and allow you to go others that infringe on your name and URL.

This service includes:

  • An initial trademark counseling and strategy session to discuss your existing or planned trademarks
  • A trademark clearance search of US and EU trademark databases
  • Drafting and filing the trademark application with the USPTO
  • Responses to any non-substantive office action refusals from the USPTO
  • Continued monitoring and updates throughout the registration process
  • A pdf memo describing how you should use and police your newly-registered trademark

My cost for trademark registration services is $600 plus any filing fees for one class of goods or services.

Note: If you are filing an intent-to-use application, that requires an additional $100 plus $100 filing fee, and additional classes of goods and services will require an additional $300 per class, plus filing fees.

United States-based LLC or Corporation formation

  • Limit your personal liability for the company’s debts
  • Separate your personal life and assets from your business
  • Create a business that you can sell for a profit in the future
  • Allow investors to easily purchase equity

We’ll discuss which company type is best for your intended business goals. You fill out a simple questionnaire and I’ll take care of the rest.

I’ve worked with multiple clients to correct mistakes in their company formation because they tried to do it on their own. Avoid these costly mistakes! No need to search for the right form to file or the proper wording for a document – leave all of that to me.

The cost for this service starts at $800 plus filing fees. However, the final costs will depend on the complexity of the business and type of entity formed. Contact me for a more specific quote.

Register your Copyrights

Let me handle your copyright registrations, while you focus on creating great content!

Protect your creative materials, including photographs and blog posts, with a US copyright registration.

While copyright rights come from use and creation of the intellectual property, there isn’t much you can actually DO with those rights until you’ve registered them. Timely registration can be a huge part of exercising your legal rights, including sending cease and desist letters, filing lawsuits and seeking attorneys’ fees if you win an infringement suit.

My fee for federal copyright registration is $200 plus filing fees.

Own your content and protect your company with contracts

Get custom contracts tailored to your business, whether you want to license content or photos from others, hire freelancers, offer a SAAS or consulting product, or any other kind of business deal.

I can draft any number of customized agreements for you, including:

  • An independent contractor work-for-hire agreement template
  • A website content publication license
  • The Terms of Service or licensing agreement for your SAAS product
  • A privacy policy for your website, mobile app or both
  • A consulting services agreement for you and your clients to sign
  • Mutual or one-way Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure agreements to protect your trade secrets

Contract drafting generally starts at around $500 for each agreement, but the price will vary depending on the complexity of the contract. Contact me for a quote.

You can also purchase a bundle of the above services, starting at $1,800 (not including fees). Contact me using the form below for more details!

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