The Ultimate Guide to

Starting an Indie Game Company

By Zachary Strebeck, Attorney at Law

Have you ever thought about starting your own game company? Maybe it’s been a dream for years, or maybe you’ve already created your game and want to protect your idea when it’s out on the open market. Whether it’s boardgames, video games, or in between, I can help. 

In this guide, you’ll get an in-depth introduction to forming your company, protecting your game, and putting together all the pieces you need to launch your game company.

What's in the Book?

I’ll walk you through the basics of how to start your game company, protect the intellectual property you’ve created, and cover your ass in privacy situations.

Corporate Formation

What kind of business structure should you choose? I'll break down the options to help you understand what business entity will best serve your new game company.

Protect Your Property

Your creativity is what made your game great, and what you've created needs to be protected. We'll talk, in-depth, about your options for copyrights and trademarks.

Privacy and Users

Ensuring user privacy is critical, and in "The Ultimate Guide" we'll walk through what you need to do to comply with relevant privacy laws.

How do I do it?

We'll talk about how to actually get started with everything, from documents to agreements and getting your trademark registered.

Ready to start your game studio?

I'm Zack, a game lawyer.

I help game developers and other creative tech companies get the legal protection they need. If you’re a: 

  • video game company (big or small) 
  • board game designer or publisher 
  • website owner 
  • software or mobile app startup 
  • any kind of tech business 

I can help you solve the legal problems you face, so you can concentrate on making your game, building your business, and kicking ass.

Wait... What's the catch?

You’re in luck. There isn’t one. I’m so confident you’ll find the information in this book useful, I’ve decided to offer it 100% free of charge

There’s absolutely no obligation to schedule a consult.

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