What does a video game lawyer specialize in?

I like to think of video game law as being every bit of lawyering that touches on a video game throughout its lifetime, from start to finish.

Video games have ideas, they have creative expression, they have sounds, music, artwork, text, and all kinds of other things going into them. There’s also the human element to games – there are contracts with employees and contractors, and deals to be made (and put into writing) between developers, publishers, and any number of other parties that are involved in the game.

A video game attorney also needs to have knowledge about the various regulations that govern video games – whether it’s privacy law (dealing with taking players’ personal information), game ratings, or other government regulations.

Having some experience in all of these areas of the law isn’t enough – you need to have experience and knowledge of the video game industry and the aspects of video game law that are relevant to a game developer’s specific legal issues. Anticipating potential problems and preventing them from happening is one of the main jobs of a video game attorney.

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