Trademark Monitoring Service

Why should you monitor your trademarks?

As a trademark owner, one of your responsibilities is to enforce your rights against infringement.

If you’re not regularly monitoring for potential infringement, you won’t be able to enforce your trademark.

That’s why I offer a trademark monitoring service, with two levels of protection:

  • Basic – monitoring for new applications filed with the USPTO, which could possibly infringe on your trademarks
  • Advanced – monitoring for new USPTO applications, PLUS a monthly search of “common law,” unregistered sources to find any possible infringement that pops up

With each level of monitoring service, I’ll send you a monthly report detailing any possible infringement I find and letting you know the options for enforcement against them.

What happens if we find infringement?

If the monthly search reveals a new trademark application, we can take action by either sending them a Cease & Desist letter to warn them of further legal action, or by filing an opposition to their trademark to stop it from getting registered.

For non-registered infringement, we can take action by sending a Cease & Desist letter, filing a trademark takedown on the platform it’s being hosted, or explore other options like filing litigation.

Just sign up for a monitoring service above to get started!

Trademark Monitoring Service

From: $150.00 / month


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