Life after GenCon 2015

Fun times in Indianapolis

I left Indianapolis early Monday morning after a great weekend steeped in the board game business. What an awesome time (and not because of the concurrent One Direction concert…)!

Outside the capital building while walking to the convention center.

Many meetings

The highlight of my trip to GenCon was getting to meet all of my clients and colleagues in the board game industry. Since my law firm is totally virtual, I’ve never met the majority of my clients face-to-face.

Until now, of course. I had the chance to see a great group of developers that I’ve worked with in the past. Many of them are seeing some great success with their current board game projects, which makes me proud to be their lawyer. Good feelings all around.

Walking into one of the convention halls. D&D on the right, Mayfair on the left.

The Dice Tower live show

On Friday night, I got a chance to take part in The Dice Tower’s live show. This was a super fun event featuring a ton of Dice Tower contributors (including me), giving their opinions of the show so far and bantering with Tom Vasel. There were also a number of musical interludes which were…quite interesting.

You can check out the podcast version of the live show on The Dice Tower’s website. My appearance is at 33:30, if you want to skip ahead (but why would you do that???).

Creating a giant balloon monster while lutes are played nearby...
Creating a giant balloon monster while lutes are played nearby…

Lots of informative sessions – including mine!

Also at GenCon, I attended a number of sessions on Kickstarter, podcasting, mobile games and other issues. I also had the opportunity to run my own session. It was lightly-attended, but the attendees were attentive and had tons of questions. Very cool. I’ll be doing a similar workshop at the Game Nest in San Francisco on August 18. Check out the Facebook event page here to sign up!

The Kickstarter panel I attended had lots of great guests, including:

It was very informative, and allowed me a chance to flex my legal muscles when a copyright question was asked, even though I was only an audience member! The question prompted me to write up a post on Jamey’s Kickstarter Lessons blog dealing with copyright issues for Kickstarter creators. Check it out on Jamey’s site.

Playing some “big” Catan!

Onward to PAX Prime

I had a great experience at my first GenCon and can’t wait until next year.

If any readers are going to be in Seattle at the end of the month to attend PAX Prime, send me an email and we can meet up. I love to meet up with fans, clients and new friends.

Fantasy Flight had these awesome custom mats for the X-Wing Miniatures Game demos.

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