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Shenmue 3 Kickstarter debuted at Sony E3 press conference:




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The FTC settles with the Kickstarter creator who failed to deliver on The Doom That Came to Atlantic City:

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Listener Q&A

  1. From Peter Elsenheimer on BGG – What is the process a designer should go through to make sure that a game design’s name, mechanisms, text, and art does not infringe on any already established copyright or trademark, nationwide or worldwide? Also, when in the design process should this inquiry be made?
  2. From Brian Lelas on BGG – I just recently asked on the Secret Cabal forum what the basics of print-and-play and licensing were. They mentioned a game called Dune: The Dice Game getting around the license by being a free / non-commercial game and I was wondering if that’s true.

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