Learn some Indie Dev Business Basics – check out my series on Indie Megabooth

The basics of the indie game business

Recently, a series of five guests posts written by yours truly was featured on the Indie Megabooth blog. In this series, I covered what I find to be the five major areas that a new indie game business should address:

  1. Forming your business entity
  2. Owning your game’s content
  3. Protecting your game IP with trademarks
  4. Protecting your game IP with copyright
  5. EULAS, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policies

I had a blast writing these for the Indie Megabooth folks, and I think there is a TON of useful info in these posts. Check them out at the links above, or just go to the Indie Megabooth blog here. If you dug the posts, let them know!

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