Jumpstart Package Questionnaires

Welcome, game developer!

On this page, I’ve gathered all of the questionnaires I need to collect all of the necessary information for me to complete your Jumpstart Package services.

Whenever you’re ready to get started on any of them, just click the interview link and fill that out. Each one will have lots of questions, options, and instructions that will direct you through the info gathering process.

However, if you have any questions during the interview, you can put a placeholder answer for now. On the last page, there will be a “free response” text box where you can add any questions, comments, or other messages to me that you want. I’ll read that and we’ll go from there.

LLC Formation Questionnaire

Trademark Registration Questionnaire

Click here to get started with your trademark registration.

Note: Currently, you can only do one trademark or one word/logo trademark combination at a time. If you’re doing multiple trademarks (such as a game name and a company name) you’ll have to run through this questionnaire twice.

Contractor Agreement Questionnaire

Terms of Use/EULA and Privacy Policy Questionnaire

Click here to start preparing your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Note: I’ve combined them into one questionnaire, as they generally happen at the same time. If you want to do either of them individually, let me know.

Copyright Registration Questionnaire

Click here to start the process for filing a Copyright Registration (not available yet).

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