The Game Lawyer at Gen Con 2016 – I’ve been featured as an “Industry Insider”!

Hello readers!

I have exciting news – I’ve been accepted into the Gen Con “Industry Insider” program, which makes me a “featured presenter” in a handful of awesome panels. Those particular panels haven’t been revealed yet, but I’ll let you know right here as soon as they are.

I’m also appearing on five other non-featured panels, two of which specifically deal with legal issues in the tabletop industry:

Publishing Your First Board Game, from Design to Manufacturing – Thursday @ 5pm

Legal Q&A for Freelancers, Publishers, and the Generally Curious – Friday @ 9am

Launching Your Own Indie Board Game Company from the Ground Up – Friday @ 3pm

Running Your Board Game Kickstarter Campaign – Friday @ 4pm

Legal issues for board game developers – Saturday @ 12pm

The two legal panels will feature myself and Justin Jacobson, an attorney who has worked with some high-profile tabletop clients. It should be a great chance to learn and ask questions of two game lawyers! If you have any questions and will be in attendance, please send them to me early at [email protected].


In the other panels, I have a great mix of guests joining me, including:

  • Jeremy Commandeur (designer of a number of games, including Booze Barons);
  • Brian Henk (Overworld Games, publisher of Good Cop Bad Cop, New Salem, Booze Barons, and Exposed);
  • Ben Rosset (designer of Brew Crafters, Mars Needs Mechanics, and Between Two Cities; project manager for Panda Game Manufacturing);
  • JT Smith (The Game Crafter);
  • Brett Sobol (Nauvoo Games, publisher of Stockpile and Stockpile: Continuing Corruption);
  • and other awesome guests!

Grab your 4-day pass for Gen Con, sign up for the panels, and introduce yourself to me there! I love to meet readers, fans, and developers with legal questions. I hope to see you all in Indianapolis.

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  1. Wow! That is awesome! We just discovered your blog via Jamey Stegmaier’s blog. Congratulations! How did it go?


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