Did you miss my Game Lawyer Q&A?

The first Game Lawyer Q&A

On April 9, I did a free Game Lawyer Q&A over Google Hangouts-On-Air. While we had a small number of eager fans show up and ask questions, I’m sure that there are more out there that would love to see it.

Good news! It’s available on my YouTube channel here. I apologize for the weird beginning and the fact that it’s only me talking to my MacBook camera for 40 minutes. That leads me to my next point…

Upcoming plans and guests

I have some guests lined up who are interested in joining me to answer (and ask) questions about game law and the indie games business. I plan to do a new show every month in order to have enough to time gather questions and stoke the palpable anticipation in the indie dev community.

So, tentatively, the next show will be on May 7 at 9:35pm EST. Mark your calendars and fill out the form below or post in the Google Hangout event page if you have questions!

I’ll announce a guest as soon as they are confirmed. Hope to see you there!

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