Check out my indie game workshop at Playcrafting San Francisco on March 19th!


Unfortunately, this workshop has been changed to either April or May. I’ll have another post up as soon as I have a specific date!

How do you start an indie game studio?

Most clients come to me with an awesome game that they’re developing, but have almost no idea how to create a sustainable and legally-compliant business around that game. Often, I go through the same steps with each client, from forming a business structure to making sure they have the proper contracts and intellectual property protections.

On March 19th, I’ll be teaching a workshop for PlayCrafting’s new San Francisco branch. This workshop will take developers through all the steps to get the business side of things taken care of.

What will the course cover?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s a quick rundown of the workshop contents:

  • Choosing what kind of business entity to form (including the difference between LLCs and Corporations), why you need to form one, and what you need to do in order to stay compliant;
  • Who gets what shares of the company and how you can raise money for your new studio (and whether you should);
  • Whether you need employees or contractors, and what kind of contracts you need to have to protect yourself;
  • What to consider before naming your company and your game;
  • What kinds of written agreements you need in order to own your game’s content; and
  • Why you need to register your intellectual property and how to do it.

I’ll explain what needs to be done and whether or not you need a lawyer to do it. I’ll even have some template contracts to give away and a big discount on my upcoming longer course in launching your indie game studio.

I hope to see everybody there! Click this link to register for the workshop.
If you plan to go, let me know if there are any specific questions you have, so I can build them into the course.

Also, check out PlayCrafting’s other awesome courses, from one-day workshops to weeks-long classes in all aspects of game development on both coasts!

Zachary Strebeck

Zachary Strebeck

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