Check out my new segment on The Dice Tower, the premiere board gaming podcast

My first segment of “Legal Moves” appeared on the July 15 episode of The Dice Tower podcast, around the 1:46:30 mark. I will be talking about legal issues for board game players and developers. If you enjoy the segment, please let Tom and Eric (the hosts) know at the Dice Tower guild on Board Game Geek!

Notes from the episode:

On this first segment, I discuss some of the reasons for putting some serious thought and effort into the name of your company or game project. There are both legal and business implications to choosing a name that’s already taken, so this should be an important part of the process!

Here are the three blog posts that give more in-depth info on trademark issues discussed in the segment:

How distinct is your trademark? Here’s the lowdown on the five levels of distinctiveness
Want to do a quick knock-out search for your potential game and company names? Check out this post!

Want some background on what trademark is? Here are two posts that will help – What is intellectual property? and Five common questions about trademark

Additionally, here’s a link to my Trademark checklist for game developers that I mentioned on the show. Usually I require a mailing list signup, but I feel like celebrating the inaugural Legal Moves segment!

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