Computer Software and Mobile Apps

Computer Software

Step By Step Legal
For Mobile

Get the legal protection you need for your software or mobile application with step by step solutions for games, applications, and web development projects.

Contract drafting, business plan review, and intellectual property protection from an attorney who is fast and flexible.

Keep Your Web
Development Project Compliant

New rules and laws make it more important than ever to review site privacy policies and activities for compliance.

Ensure that you have the proper licensing and agreements in place for your web and software development projects.

Video Games


Protect Your Intellectual Property

Protect your work by registering your copyrights, protect your brand by registering your trademarks, and get infringing content taken down with timely DMCA notices and Cease and Desist letters.

In addition, non-disclosure agreements and employee work-for-hire agreements keep your trade secrets safe and retain the rights to your intellectual property.

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